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Dog Stalking 21 / Subaru Dog

I have some great ideas for improving the world–most of them involve either dogs or polka dots. I strongly believe that the world would be much happier if all scenarios that require waiting (lines, traffic) had dogs in the vicinity, to watch and play with. How do I know this would make traffic bearable? This dog:


One morning on the way to the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market to see Remy, this fellow was in front of my mom and I in the carpool lane, and smiled at us through the back window until his family exited the freeway. Subaru should pick this up as an ad, don’t you think?


If you want me to stalk your favorite pooch (or feline!) you can purchase a custom portrait right here!

Let’s Get Away


I mentioned yesterday that I’m out of town, though not quite on vacation. But with all this traveling, and summer quickly approaching, I’ve certainly been thinking about some of my favorite destinations. Paris…Madrid…I’m definitely a city person! What about you–do you favor cities? Beaches? Mountains? What’s your preferred vacay spot?
While you think, have this free desktop background to encourage your next trip! XO

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Dog Stalking 19 / George

You may already be aware that one of my favorite things is pets with very serious people names, so I was excited when George here showed up in my inbox. This fellow looks quite dignified in his original photo, camouflaged in the snow. The seven year old miniature schnauzer is a rescue who loves belly rubs and never barks–except at chickens and squirrels.

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Design: in the mail & on the wall

You already know Striped Cat Studio’s goal is to create a lifestyle inspired by great design, and by now you’ve probably heard that making life pretty just got a little easier thanks to my brand new Etsy shop! As much as I love freelancing, creating layouts, and curating, I needed a chance–and a reason!–to create some work whose sole purpose is prettiness, of course using my signature fresh and colorful look. The collection of illustrated designs meant for your mailbox and your walls fulfill my desire to produce simply lovely things and, hopefully, your need to throw some great design into your day!


So what’s the best part of being a fan of my design work and a Striped Cat Studio reader? Discounts, of course! Through the end of March, enter the code HELLOSCS at checkout for a 15% discount on your order!* I can’t wait to see what you design enthusiasts love, and to share more work with you in the future!



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Dog Stalking 18 / Brillo

You know how pretty much all women wish for long legs? Apparently the same doesn’t go in the world of dog shows. Brillo was going to be a show dog, until she grew too tall to meet the miniature poodle breed standard. I personally don’t see the problem: Brillo’s charm comes from her resemblance to a tiny black lamb, and of course her perfect behavior. Since Brillo is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever met (really!), I was thrilled when her mom kindly offered a few details about her and instructed her to pose for a picture for future dog stalking!

You know how I usually say to send in pictures of your dogs here? I’m doing things a little differently starting next week. While I love admiring my readers’ pups, I’m also beginning to receive too many requests to feature the dogs I’ve actually stalked in person (Brillo is the first in a few weeks!) So, this will be the last week to submit your best friend to be stalked on Striped Cat Studio–but don’t worry! If you must have a portrait of your dog (or cat!), custom pet stalking portraits will be available on Etsy! If you want to see your pal featured on SCS and are willing to wait a few weeks, please make sure to email a photo and short bio to katewong19[at]gmail[dot]com by March 19!

Dog Stalking 17 / Daisy

A quick story to kick off this week’s dog stalking: the Striped Cat likes to stare at us while we sleep. Often, my mom wakes up with his nose a couple of inches from hers, waiting for her to get up and feed him. Daisy is a bit like that, but being a dog, she is of course less demanding than the Striped Cat–she just wants to greet everyone first thing in the morning. According to Lisa, if you were staying in Daisy’s house you would probably hear her breathing outside your door moments after waking up–sounds like a great start to the morning to me!