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Don’t worry, nothing catastrophic has happened to keep me away from blogging — I’ve been busy with commissions, and forgetful about updating this space. To make up for my absence, here is a parade of stuff I’ve done since the last time I posted anything new!

Beauty Commandments for Allure | katewongonline.com

Beauty illustrations for Allure

Studio DIY ice cream map | katewongonline.com

National Ice Cream Day map for Studio DIY

Rome map | katewongonline.com

Rome map for a private client

As always,  you can see the rest of my portfolio at katewongonline.com!

May 27: National Grape Popsicle Day

Yes, grape popsicle day – because grape-flavored things weren’t overrated enough already. But popsicles, being popsicles, are generally delicious regardless of the flavor (and if you’ve get generic grocery store pops, the taste is pretty identical across the flavor board anyway).

May 18: National Cheese Souffle Day

Fun cheese fact: the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling replaced the real cheese with a foam replica in 2013, because the (much heavier) wheel of Gloucester cheese could reach up to 70mph and seriously injure spectators. In the past, races had to be delayed while organizers waited for ambulances to return to the race site, as all ambulances available for the race were already at the hospital due to transporting participants of the day’s previous races. Cheese: it’s dangerous stuff.

May 13: National Fruit Cocktail Day

1) Everyone knows the cherries are the best part of the fruit cocktail. They are both the most delicious, and being red, add visual interest to the mish-mash of yellow and white fruit.
2) It’s also Apple Pie Day today — I like apple pies far better than fruit cocktails, but I refuse to celebrate apple pie in the spring. It’s a fall dessert, and anyone who tells you otherwise ought to be psychologically evaluated.