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Cat Stalking: Toffee & Mocha (Adopt at HSSV!)

As you can probably guess from the name of my company and the ever-present pet portraits on this blog, animals are very close to my heart. Recently I had the opportunity to photograph the feline residents at Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Milpitas location, which of course is exactly my kind of volunteer work (fun fact: all the cats I’ve owned have been adopted from the Humane Society). Fortunately, the majority of cats I photographed at the beginning of this month have found homes! I’m always extremely grateful to live in an area where abandoned and stray animals often find homes easily (the shelters in this area are primarily no-kill, due to a total lack of overpopulation at the facilities). Of course, some pets are always going to have a harder time finding a human. One example? Toffee and Mocha, a bonded (adult) pair who will only be adopted out together. Sweet, calm, eager for affection, and adorably cuddly with each other, this is a pair of very charming Siamese kitties.


A little more info about this pair: both healthy, spayed adult females; Toffee is approximately 4 years old, and Mocha is about 2; Toffee is spunkier, and Mocha is quiet and observant, but both are playful and ready to love their new human! If you live in the Bay Area and that sounds good to you (and how could it not?) please consider heading to HSSV in Milpitas to meet Toffee & Mocha, as well as the rest of the friendly residents at this shelter! (Psst: they have a big room full of kittens. You don’t want to miss out on kittens, right?)

Dog Art At Fort Funston

A couple of weeks ago Josh came to visit for a week between school terms, and we went up to Fort Funston for a day to watch the dogs. It’s one of the few dog-friendly beaches in the area, and once you get there you’ll have no doubts about that. There were packs of all different breeds running around — my version of heaven. There are also some hard-to-miss pipes and cement foundations along the shoreline, but this being San Francisco, the visitors have found a uniquely delightful way to make even this industrial corner match the surrounding beaches:

I spotted three instances of dog art along this graffiti wall, but I didn’t realize I should be looking for it until we had already passed a large section of the cement. Next time I’m there, you can find me scouring that area for more k9 artwork.

Dog Stalking 60 / Temescal Alley Pomeranian

Honestly, big dogs are my favorite, but there’s something about pomeranians that just cracks me up. I think it might be due to the ridiculous amount of fluff on such a tiny dog, and the fact that they often seem to stand on their hind legs and dance in a circle. This little guy was sniffing around Crimson Horticulture when I was there awhile back, and look, he’s wearing a vest!

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Dog Stalking 59 / Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog

I love big dogs–they are impressive, in the most ridiculous possible way. Plus, they tend to have the goofiest expressions of all dog sizes. So surely combining two of the most enormous, furry dogs around creates a sort of Holy Grail of big fluffy dogs right? A side note on that, you could probably fill a non-metaphorical Holy Grail with their drool, so there’s that.

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Bird Stalking 2 / Greater Blue Heron

Although greater blue herons aren’t exactly uncommon in this area, it’s fairly unusual to see them stray from the coastlines and wetlands. Sometimes you see one standing on the side of the highway. And, on really exciting days, you see one hanging out in  your backyard and strutting around on your neighbors’ roof. My mom and I debated whether getting fish and keeping it in the yard would attract more of the herons, but in the end it sounded kind of creepy, and I’d personally rather reserve my creepy quota for more scandalous and thrilling things than herons.

Dog Stalking 58 / Sidecar

Do you occasionally see dogs in motorcycle sidecars in your city, or is that a Bay Area thing? There are at least two labs (one black, one yellow–different owners) who ride along in traditional sidecar-motorcycle set ups, but this fellow seemed to have some sort of experimental moped-like device–the kind of thing that makes you shrug your shoulders and just say, “Silicon Valley.”

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Dog Stalking 57 / Telegraph Ave. Spaniel

You guys know I can’t resist a speckled dog–add in floppy spaniel ears and cute scruffy fur and you’ve got a real winning combination. It’s a great personal regret that I didn’t manage to get a good picture of this fellow, and an even bigger regret that I was too far away to pet him. I’ll pet you in my dreams, cute Telegraph Ave. pup.

If you love Dog Stalking, grab a custom portrait of your own fur baby right here, and see the rest of the Dog Stalking series here!

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