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May 24: National Scavenger Hunt Day

May 24: National Scavenger Hunt Day

Scavenger Hunts: enticingly adventurous sounding, inevitably mildly disappointing. (Maybe that’s because I, for some reason, expect there should be some sort obstacle-course-like element involved, but has anyone ever really felt the prize they won was worth the effort the hunt required?)

Shoe Box

My cats both have plenty of beds and furniture they’ve claimed throughout the house, yet in the eyes of the Striped Cat this Nike shoe box is the most coveted spot. Winnie discovered it, at which point Striped Cat — for the first time in his life — decided that he wanted to sit in a box. It’s much too small for him, as per cat-in-box tradition.


Striped Cat In A (Moroccan) Hat

I’ve had this one floating around in my head for over a year, and now all I want to do is paint more pictures of animals in exotic headdress.


I keep saying I plan on blogging more, and then work gets busy and that falls by the wayside faster than you can say “new post” so I won’t say it this time. But, I will hope that my schedule calms down so it’s easier to make time for updates over here! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this painting of the Striped Cat wearing a fancy Moroccan fez.

Pattern On Pattern: Meadows + Stripes

I love simple, clean illustrations, but layering patterns is one not-so-minimal style that I just can’t resist. Maybe it’s related to my subconscious belief (as evidenced by my closet) that stripes make everything better?


Things here have been pretty quiet lately — apologies for the crickets! Remember when I used to post everyday? Where did all that blogging time go? I’m hoping to get my schedule more organized and spend more time painting and blogging. With Glitter Guide getting busier it’s been more difficult to make time for other work, but I’m trying to remind myself that painting and blogging and learning about business and marketing are also my work! Sometime during what’s left of this year I’m hoping to roll out more products on Etsy (maybe even try to find some wholesale type platforms? or license designs?) and thoroughly plan out custom services and processes for working with clients, and just generally take more steps towards illustrating full time and finding a rep. Hold me to this, ‘k guys?