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Gift Guide: Animal Lovers

Illustrated art print from Striped Cat Studio

I don’t care how much you love shopping, choosing gifts is hard. Not so hard? Making a pick from a list of stuff you know the recipient will love. That’s why I’ll be bringing you a handful of Striped Cat Studio gift guides, featuring curated Striped Cat Studio products specially selected for everyone on your list. First up: presents for your favorite animal lovers!

Striped Cat Studio gift guide: Animal Lovers

Cats at Home Prints

Purritos! Enamel Lapel Pin

Party Animals Stationery Sets

Bonus: Donations to ASPCA, Farm SanctuaryWildlife Conservation Society, or another reputable animal-related charity | Friends mug from Anthropologie (I’ve been using this mug every morning – it’s giant and thus perfect for anything delicious and hot)| Sugar & Type dog bandana

Free Gift for Cyber Monday!

In honor of Cyber Monday (and frankly to improve the fact that it is, after all, yet another Monday) all orders placed today will come with a free 5×7″ mini print! Choose a matching mini print (if you’re ordering art) or make it a surprise and choose a mystery print (please note preference in your order notes). Does that help your case of the Mondays?

Striped Cat Studio Holiday Shop Deals

*Only orders over $8 are eligible for this offer

Holiday Cards!

Holiday Card Set: Festive Traffic

Festive Traffic cards (set of 10)

This year I finally got around to illustrating holiday cards in time for the holidays (getting to work on Christmas stuff in August takes willpower!) and I’m hoping this will also be the year all of you actually get around to sending holiday cards (I know, you always mean to). Actual ones — e-cards don’t count, for this or any other correspondence (if an email won’t do, it’s time to break out the analog mail). I’d like to think that with these cute sets at your disposal, it won’t be too hard! Plus, use the code HOLIDAYMAIL when you checkout, and you’ll receive 10% off your cards — it couldn’t get much easier unless I was writing your letters for you!

Holiday Card Set: Snowy SkylinesSnowy Skylines cards (set of 8)

Holiday Card Set: Festive Traffic

Holiday Card Set: Snowy Skylines

Tell your pals to have a happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween cards by Striped Cat Studio | stripedcatstudio.com/shop

Truth: I’m not a fan of Halloween. Costumes have never been a big deal to me, I never cared about trick-or-treating, and people knocking on my door asking for candy all night just scares my cats.* (My friend Becky once commented that extroverted people seem to like Halloween — and I’m most definitely an introvert.) Which is why I haven’t created a single piece of Halloween stationery or art until now. But I have to say, when you take the best parts of Halloween (pretty Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls and marigolds, black cats) and leave all the rest, October doesn’t seem too bad at all. So, for the Halloween lovers, these cute new cards are a great way to make sure everyone knows how much you love the spooky holiday (and that if they want candy this month, you’ll definitely have it). And for the people like me, just jot down a friendly autumn message to your pals, hit up the post office, and hunker down until November 1.

Happy Halloween cards by Striped Cat Studio | stripedcatstudio.com/shop

Happy Halloween cards by Striped Cat Studio | stripedcatstudio.com/shop

*Parents spend all year telling their kids to never, ever talk to or take candy from strangers — it’s literally a cliche. Except on Halloween. When children should definitely go out and ask strangers to give them candy. Mixed messages much?

Post-Renegade Summer Sale!

10% off Striped Cat Studio paper products with coupon code RCF10

If you missed Renegade Craft Fair last weekend…well, sorry. It was tons of fun, and there were plenty of great booths (and dogs) to look at. I can’t help you go back in time to Fort Mason last weekend, but don’t worry too much, because you can still get in on the fun with 10% off my shop all week! Just swing over to stripedcatstudio.com/shop and use code RCF10 when you’re done filling your cart! Ends Sunday, so start shopping!

Hey there, summer

With Memorial Day in the rear view mirror and June about to commence, it’s safe to say that it’s effectively (if unofficially) summertime. In case you need a little help tapping into those summer vibes, the Etsy shop is stocked with tons of seasonally appropriate products, plus a handful of brand new cards, prints, and patches. Purritos, anyone?

Summer stationery and art by Striped Cat Studio | stripedcatstudio.com/shop

Pictured, counter-clockwise from bottom left: World Bicycle Tour Stationery / Twin Scoop Hand-Embroidered Patch / Purritos! Art Print / Shark Week Card / Cheers Stationery / Ice Cream Connoisseur Merit Badge Card / You’ve Got This Popsicles Card / Stay Frosty Hand-Embroidered Patch / Shark Week Hand-Embroidered Patch

You’ve earned one of these cards

You may have noticed that badges, patches, and pins have come back into style (with a vengeance, too). I love the trend, and I think it’s cute even if you don’t feel the need to wear the sentiment on your jacket (backpack, cap, etc.). Enter, Merit Badge cards! Right now, there’s one for expert binge watchers, hipster anthropologists, and graduates — and if one of those categories doesn’t cover you or a friend (you DON’T Netflix and chill?!?) there are more coming soon!

Merit Badge greeting cards from Striped Cat Studio | stripedcatstudio.com/shop