Vote for Purritos!

Purritos is one of my favorite designs, so when Minted extended their Better Together Greeting Card Challenge deadline, I couldn’t resist entering this updated birthday version. This little guy is just as cute as the original Purritos cat, but he’s all dressed up in fresh colors and a snazzy party hat, plus he’s ready to give you free guac on your birthday! If you want to buy this card (because why wouldn’t you?!) make sure to go to Minted and give him a nice high rating! I’d especially love to win this challenge, as it comes with a trip to the 2018 National Stationery Show in New York (which could mean more awesome products available!), so please go vote!

Make America Kind Again

TL;DR: Your voice matters. Call your members of Congress and tell them you oppose (insert Drumpf nominee/action). Here are some resources:

Indivisible Guide / Women’s March / Jezebel’s list of “Pro-Women, Pro-Earth, Pro-Immigrant, Anti-Bigotry Organizations that Need Your Support” / Free Press / The New York Times / The Washington Post / Grab Your WalletA Little Creative’s list of big + small actions, and cool products that support various organizations / The names + DC office phone numbers of Senate and House members, searchable by state / The illustration I made for this post, for anyone who wants to encourage others to speak up (no credit necessary)

Let’s start with a story.

In 2008, I was a junior in high school and worked to help elect Barack Obama. I had every intention of going into politics or journalism in the future, until I took my first poli sci course on American politics. It was disillusioning, and in simple terms, I finished the class feeling that politics was a pointless game, and playing produced no real results. Two weeks into the trump presidency, it’s pretty clear that my impression that a) this country is destined to have relatively moderate leadership, and b) the President can’t actually do that much, were both quite wrong.

Eight years after Obama’s inauguration, I’m standing where I was at 16, thinking that my voice (and yours, and your friends, and unfortunately that Facebook friend who turned out to be a white supremacist) is useful. Federal elections won’t take place again for another two years, but casting a ballot isn’t the only way to resist the Drumpf administration. Don’t forget that your Congressional representatives require your support to stay in power, and remember that speaking up can be influential as long as enough of us decide to try. If you need to be convinced that calling your Senator or House member does matter, I recommend skimming Indivisible Guide (or just considering that two Senators have decided to vote against Betsy DeVos’s confirmation based on their electorate’s opinions). If you don’t know who your representatives are or how to contact them, lists House and Senate members (plus DC office phone numbers) by state. Calling to voice your opposition to DeVos, or Neil Gorsuch, or Jeff Sessions, and/or the numerous other nominations Drumpf has made and actions he has taken, takes only a few minutes and is well worth your time.

Gift Guide: Art Collector

Illustrated art print from Striped Cat Studio

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Gift Guide: Animal Lovers

Illustrated art print from Striped Cat Studio

I don’t care how much you love shopping, choosing gifts is hard. Not so hard? Making a pick from a list of stuff you know the recipient will love. That’s why I’ll be bringing you a handful of Striped Cat Studio gift guides, featuring curated Striped Cat Studio products specially selected for everyone on your list. First up: presents for your favorite animal lovers!

Striped Cat Studio gift guide: Animal Lovers

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Bonus: Donations to ASPCA, Farm SanctuaryWildlife Conservation Society, or another reputable animal-related charity | Friends mug from Anthropologie (I’ve been using this mug every morning – it’s giant and thus perfect for anything delicious and hot)| Sugar & Type dog bandana

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