We make lively paper goods for enthusiastic people.

Founded in 2013 and named after a beloved orange tabby, Striped Cat Studio is a bright and playful line of illustrated products by Kate Wong (that’s me!) and approved (or just sat upon) by the Striped Cat. My work is created with an eye towards vibrant color and whimsical style that remains grounded in real-world inspiration. Thanks to this blend of quirky sophistication and careful attention to detail, Striped Cat Studio’s variety of lively paper goods provides each customer with a healthy dose of cheerful whimsy.

Striped Cat Studio products are printed in-house with pigment inks on acid-free paper, or when applicable, screen printed by hand with screens produced in-house. Embroidered patches are 100% handmade.

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  1. bp says:

    Hello gorgeous! Kate, this is a great space! I love that you integrate life & design & art this way! I am a personal narrative blogger, but that’s only one side of me. Looking through your blog & paintings, I completely connect with & appreciate the way you see the world. You remind me of Maira Kalman.

    I will be reading for sure!

    Thanks for making life prettier!


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