New: Wedding Logos

Ever since Caitlin’s wedding was inching closer (congrats to her!) I’ve been getting some emails requesting a wedding logo design similar to the wreath I painted for her. While I’m keeping that particular design exclusive to Caitlin, I have made some equally pretty wreath options and they are now available via Etsy! You can choose black or white, and include the bride’s and groom’s first initials and wedding date — it’s a digital file, so you can just print out a logo on whatever wedding materials you want to customize!

Expect to see plenty more floral designs soon, since I’ve redeveloped my passion for painting plants. It’s always nice, since I don’t have to try and think of what to paint — it’s very similar to when I go through a phase where yogurt always sounds good and I never have to figure out a meal.

Unrelatedly, can you believe it’s October? Because I seem to recall January – August being just yesterday. Meanwhile West Elm has moved beyond embracing fall and is now stocking Christmas decorations — and they have been since sometime in September. I’m going to Palm Springs tomorrow where it will be 98ºF. I’ll leave you to think about the juxtaposition of those statements for awhile and what it means for our society.

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