Cat Stalking 11 / Vela

One of the best things about internet friends is seeing endless pictures of their pets, and all you have to do is go online. My friend Mindy’s kitten Vela is particularly entertaining (as kittens are), and was adopted right around the time I brought home Winchester, so I feel that I have a special bond with Vela (we’ve never met).

Another special bond with Mindy is our shared love of the show Community–her because her husband writes for them, me because I’m an obsessive fangirl–which makes this a good time to share their campaign for a sixth season. So, if you read this, it is your duty as my friend to tweet using #SixSeasonsAndAMovie at noon today. If you don’t, and NBC fails to renew Community¬†because of you, not only will I never forgive you, I will likely be too heartbroken to blog, and you will have singlehandedly killed television’s best comedy AND this blog. So, noon, #sixseasonsandamovie–got it?


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