Dog Stalking 52 / Piedmont Park Poodle

You may already know that poodles are one of my favorite breeds (okay, the only dogs that aren’t my favorite breeds are pugs–did you know their eyes can partially pop out if you hug them too hard? There’s no owning a pug after you learn that). Someday, I intend to own a poodle and train it to wear a doggie backpack, in which it will carry Winchester when we go on walks (Striped Cat is much too heavy for a poodle to carry). Understandably, then, I get excited when I see poodles at the dog park and have an excuse to daydream about Winchester’s future dog chauffeur.

Oh, one last thing: the poodle will be named Smith. I’ll have a second one named Wesson. My pets will be Winchester, Smith and Wesson–great, right? But I’m trusting you not to steal my idea–we’re on the honor system here, OK?

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