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If you’re on Instagram–and at this point, who isn’t?–you’re probably familiar with Photojojo. If you have any interest in design, you’re well aware that the landing page for their website is quite charming. And if you’re located in the Bay Area, you may have visited their super-secret pop up shop and witnessed how whimsical life would be if Photojojo ran the world.



Exploring Valencia Street this week, I happened to walk past a building just as a young man was putting out a sandwich board advertising a “super-secret photo shop,” so obviously I followed the sign to…more signs, directing me upstairs. Now, the whimsical “keep going” chalk-board arrows providing instruction and tiny dinosaur figurines on the windowsill were delightful, but nothing could have compared to the magic of walking in a room covered floor-to-ceiling in colorful streamers and twinkle lights. Thanks Photojojo–I now cannot get rid of the nagging desire to turn my bedroom into an enormous photo-booth!



You can visit Photojojo’s pop-up shop on Valencia Street in the Mission through the end of January–and if you’re in the city, I highly recommend that you don’t miss it!

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