New Portfolio

New Portfolio

If you’ve been keeping up with my portfolio in, oh, the last year, you are probably more dedicated to my career than I am–seeing as I haven’t had a portfolio so much as a placeholder directing you right back here for ages. Well, I finally decided that I’m not a pro web designer, I’m an illustrator, and it’s probably fine to use a pre-made theme for my portfolio. Thank the design gods for Virb and their amazing, super-easy hosting and content management! Now you can finally see my design work, artwork, and photos all in one convenient place. Hooray!

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Looks beautiful! Love the design! I know how annoying it is to update a portfolio, but it feels so great to get it done. :)

katewong@scs says: May 3, 2014 at 10:55 pm

Hannah – definitely! Real weight off my mind now that I know have something up at least! And I totally recommend Virb–their themes are so minimal and pretty and functional, and SO easy to update with your work! (Not sponsored by them or anything–just excited about how easy this was!)

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