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Have It / Need It 14

Have It / Need It

I’ve been obsessed with these dessert plates illustrated by Rebecca Rebouche for Anthropologie since I first saw them a month or so ago–I originally planned to wait until sale time to buy them, but they sold out online the moment Thanksgiving rolled around! Naturally I jumped on the chance to buy a set when I found them at the San Francisco store. Animal plates seemed like the perfect match for an animal necklace, and a fancy-skirt/casual-sweater combo is a great reflection of the rich-but-whimsical vibe of this dinnerware.

On a side note, look through Rebecca’s work if you haven’t already seen it at Anthropologie: it has a fascinating dark and dreamy quality, which usually makes me uncomfortable, yet something about her illustrations draw me in.

Sources: Handmade Brass Dachshund Pendant from Sarah Dobranowski on Etsy ($61) / Marled color block shoulder sweater from J.Crew ($118) / Shirttail mini in sequin from J.Crew ($110) / Clayton booties from Anthropologie ($228) / Russet infinity scarf from Anthropologie ($165) / Jeweled velvet clutch from Anthropologie ($68)

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