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Dog Stalking 41 / Otis

I adore Old English Sheepdogs–who doesn’t? They’re the perfect combo of fluffy softness, and ridiculously obscured eyes and limbs. A couple of weekends ago while waiting in line for (vegetarian) burgers, I couldn’t help but squeal at the sight of an Old English Sheep-puppy and his owners kindly stopped for pets. Otis was delightfully jumpy, hyper, and cuddly. Better yet, Otis wore a bow tie! When I have a dog, he or she will definitely have a selection of bow ties and doggy bandannas in their wardrobe. Oh, and one more thought: wouldn’t all lines be improved–nay, made amazing–if they had sweet dogs stationed periodically to entertain the queue-ers?

Dog Stalking: Otis | by Striped Cat Studio

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