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Design Residency 24 / Color & Pattern

The design: I don’t know what a “Peruvian Sangucheria” is, but the delightfully colorful branding for Culantro definitely makes me want to find out (or at the very least Google it!) Most logos don’t use this many colors, and with good reason–it’s busy at best, and distracting in most cases–but this mark absolutely nails the colorful palette. The ultra modern geometric sans-serif type used to spell out Culantro (look at that lovely R!) balances the color and pattern in the graphic elements. And can we take just a moment to admire that texture?

The translation: an equally simple-meets-busy bedroom. Just as the inspiration design showcases a multicolor pattern with a clean, modern counterpoint, this bedroom features a few gorgeous statement accessories and one exotic nightstand paired with clean and modern furniture. Nothing says fresh and modern quite like simplicity, so the ornamentation in this room is sparing: a beautifully patterned duvet is the undeniable centerpiece. And that fado guitar? I just couldn’t resist including it!



Hoopskirt Bed, Anthropologie ($1698)
Abaza Duvet, Anthropologie ($198)
Carved Wood Side Table, West Elm ($199)
Perforated Globe Pendant, West Elm ($149)
Oversized Arch Mirror, West Elm ($599)
Pretty Pansy Vase, Anthropologie ($18)
Tiled Fado Guitar, Anthropologie ($3600) (does anyone know what this sounds like? The shape and string arrangement looks much more like a mandolin to me than a guitar!)

Design Residency is a collaborative series with Bedsidesign and Java Aficionado! Check out their posts here and here!

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