Don’t worry, nothing catastrophic has happened to keep me away from blogging — I’ve been busy with commissions, and forgetful about updating this space. To make up for my absence, here is a parade of stuff I’ve done since the last time I posted anything new!

Beauty Commandments for Allure |

Beauty illustrations for Allure

Studio DIY ice cream map |

National Ice Cream Day map for Studio DIY

Rome map |

Rome map for a private client

As always,  you can see the rest of my portfolio at!

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Given how popular these pattern-filled prints are, I thought it was about time I make another set of floral patterned typographical prints! I like to think of these as a slightly edgier version of the original “Southwest Floral” pattern (which I illustrated years ago): instead of pink flowers and sweet succulents, meet deep green cactii and fiery red blooms.

Shop Update: This Isn't Over

Shop Update: I Win

If you’re wondering how I choose the random phrases for my prints, they are (unintentionally) all television references. I liked the neutral nature of each of the phrases: not inspirational, but upbeat and maybe a little sarcastic when you know the original context. See The Walking Dead 4×09 (the chocolate pudding episode, for those in the know) for “I Win” and Community‘s original paintball episode for “This Isn’t Over.” (The original two prints have phrases from Jimmy Kimmel and Modern Family, and yes, I really really love TV.) Note for fellow TV-obsessives: anyone else ever think that when Jeff wakes up to find Greendale ravaged by paintball in the aforementioned episode, that must be how Rick feels when he wakes up and realizes the apocalypse happened while he was in a coma?

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May 29: National Paperclip Day

This little illustration only scratches the surface of the variety of existing paperclip shapes, which begs the question: why do we settle for a boring, regular clip every time we need to acknowledge National Memo Day?

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May 27: National Grape Popsicle Day

Yes, grape popsicle day – because grape-flavored things weren’t overrated enough already. But popsicles, being popsicles, are generally delicious regardless of the flavor (and if you’ve get generic grocery store pops, the taste is pretty identical across the flavor board anyway).

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May 24: National Scavenger Hunt Day

Scavenger Hunts: enticingly adventurous sounding, inevitably mildly disappointing. (Maybe that’s because I, for some reason, expect there should be some sort obstacle-course-like element involved, but has anyone ever really felt the prize they won was worth the effort the hunt required?)

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