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Create Your World

Recently, I’ve found this is easier than you might expect. Of course I can’t control everything, but mindset is a big deal — it’s sort of a magical realization, isn’t it?

This is available as an 11″ x 14″ or 8″ x 10″ unframed print via Etsy.

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I was going to post a diagram of how to tie a magic knot today, but I painted it and it turns out there’s not really a way to make a shoe-tying diagram look good in watercolor. Or, I haven’t found it, anyway. So here’s some ice cream instead!

Ice Cream

If you want to know about the magic knot–and you should because it’s life changing–check out this instructional video.

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If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed me chattering about GISHWHES recently, specifically about kale. GISHWHES stand for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, and is associated with the charity organization Random Acts. Their website explains their mission in more detail, but simply put, Random Acts wants to “conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time.” I truly respect this notion that simply doing something kind, big or small, can have an impact on someone’s life. GISHWHES takes this a little further, assigning participants a long list of tasks ranging from charitable to completely ridiculous, all in the name of disrupting our ideas about what is and should be normal. Long story short, a nun on a waterslide or a flying Christmas tree accidentally shutting down air space can’t not make the world a slightly better place. I think this quote captures that sentiment pretty well:

[Contest] Random Act: Lettered Quotations

If you want to keep up with my GISHWHES progress, follow my team’s Facebook page! We’ll be calling on our friends for help at some points and would love you all forever–and if that isn’t motivation enough, you’ll be able to laugh at the silly things we have to do next month!

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Honestly, big dogs are my favorite, but there’s something about pomeranians that just cracks me up. I think it might be due to the ridiculous amount of fluff on such a tiny dog, and the fact that they often seem to stand on their hind legs and dance in a circle. This little guy was sniffing around Crimson Horticulture when I was there awhile back, and look, he’s wearing a vest!

Dog Stalking 60 / Temescal Alley Pomeranian

If you love Dog Stalking, grab a custom portrait of your own fur baby right here, and see the rest of the Dog Stalking series here!

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I recently took up running–an activity which, in itself, is exciting considering until-now prohibitive knee and ankle pain. Since I always enjoyed running as a kid, I’m pretty excited to get back into it (even if I am really slow…it’s only been a week! I’m improving!) Because my excitement translates into purchases, I ordered these fancy running shoes from Athletic Propulsion Labs.

Running Shoes

They haven’t arrived yet, but I’m very excited to see whether they can make me jump higher as the website claims. I’m tempering my expectations though–as great as it would be if they gave me the ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, the website says the maximum vertical increase in testing was 3.5″ so I’m not too hopeful about those Superman powers.

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I’m a big fan of the resurgence of mirrored sunglasses this summer–in my book, if a summer accessory is bright and colorful, it’s a winner. I’m not sure I’d really want to wear a pair (I’m still smitten with my Madewell aviators and their 70s vibe) but I sure do like to look at them. I guess I like mirrored sunglasses as decor? I could start a collection so I could have a display, but people would think I’m some sort of sunglasses hoarder or that I spend a lot of time outside, probably at beaches, neither of which is true.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Sunglasses pictured: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Sunpocket / Free People / Ray-Ban

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